Friday, August 26, 2011

My last two weeks

Hi All!! :) Here are some pictures I've taken in the last few weeks... Hope to have more soon!! :)

 Went on a Fishing Trip (s) with siblings....
 Love the Water!!
We were in a boat on a lake near our house. :)
 So, sometimes it was hard to keep the camera steady. :)
 May look like it's past sunset (which by the time we left it was close, but my flash/shutter speed made the pictures darker than it really was) The picture above is from land when we were leaving... the one below is from the boat when we first started. :)

 A Catch!! :)
Black-n-White Photo of the lake

 Sunset on the lake-- loved the water ripple!! :)

Little fuzzy--we were paddling back to the dock. :)

End of fishing trip

Some deer in our front lawn, wish I could of gotten closer. :)
Hope to get some more deer pictures soon, before hunting season. :)
Mother deer and her fawn

 Some Bucks in our front yard. :)

A raccoon our dogs chased up a tree... :)

 Spent time with my best friend (and family).... (who is amazing by the way)....
(also Your Pic Photography took the following two pictures. :)

 She and I made a cheesecake (our second, first peanut butter though :), tasted pretty good...

Hope you all are having a fantastic rest the summer!! :)
I'm looking forward to Fall, but have enjoyed summer!!

Coming Soon.... A day in Photos, from sunrise to sunset!! :)

Also, there's only FOUR days left to help get "Beyond the Mask" movie started!!!
So please check it out, spread the word and give what you can!!! :) Thanks!!! :-) I'm excited about it!!!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Memory Photos

I don't know about you but I enjoy good memories!! :) However, I am not very good at remembering things. I usually have to read, watch, or look to remember. :) Reading scrapbooks, watching "home" videos and looking through pictures, or finding objects that bring back memories. Well, I of course enjoy being able to look at a picture in order to remember. So, a good friend of mine suggested that I do memory photos. Photos that contain the objects that would bring back memories, such as a baby's first things, or graduation gifts/items, or even a favorite birthday!! So instead of having to keep track of all the items one just as to keep a picture, and of course if possible the items! :) (For if you're anything like me, I enjoy being able to go through old things and items and remember where they came from, though I sometimes don't remember. :) However, one can hang a picture, and I at least have found that it is difficult to hang gifts or souvenirs, not to mention one as to dust them! :-) Also, I have known people who have lost or have had them lost through natural disasters items of memorable events. A picture now a days can last a long time.
Below I have put together some pictures as samples....
(by the way, all dates and names are made up. :)

"Baby's First Things"


 I don't know about you but I love souvenirs!!

 Hope to have another (better) birthday one up soon! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So, the last two years at Christmas I have made all my family members calenders as gifts. The first year was quite the project. I made, I think it was 14 calenders!! All of them different in some way. I stamped and sticker-ed and pasted pictures on all of them, and also wrote in the birthdays of everyone we knew!! :) And I started a week and half before Christmas, which means I had a lot of late nights!! :-) Well, last Christmas I did it the easy way, I made them on the computer, and everyone got the same calender. :-) They turned out really good though, and hang easier than the other ones (mainly because they're not as heavy) :) So, here are some pictures of the calenders.... You can order them!!! ( naturally the ones you order would have no writing on them, unless requested) (prices are under the pictures, also to view them larger just click on them!!) :-) Enjoy!!!

My sisters calender was themed horses... Here is a few months from it (above)

One of my brothers calenders was themed dogs. :) Here's a few months from it

 Another calender with just random photos to go with the month.... The front of the calender is below.... For a "handmade" calender the price is $150.00

Front and back of the computer calender...

 The price for the above calender is $50.00 (comes in any year :)- Personalized with birthdays, anniversary or writing of any kind= $60.00