Monday, May 20, 2019

Lots of happenings

Hello all!

A lot as happened since I last posted on this blog! I know I have said that with every post for the last several years :) I am hoping to get more into photography again and be able to post more and more often!
However, we have added a new family member since last I posted! Everett! So more then likely a bunch of baby photos at least will be added. Lol :-D

Here is me and my family :) Three dogs and a baby boy!
Anthony my husband, Winter (big white dog), Curious (the one by me) and Diamond (the one being held), and my favorite, Everett :)

Winter Ice

We have had a winter this year! Got lots of snow and some ice! I went out and got some photos of the ice with my camera!

Check out the new posts on my Portraits blog!

New posts on my portraits blog! Senior photo shoot, and some baby photos :)