Saturday, February 26, 2011


My younger brother and I love airplanes! Thus the new design. :) 
We try and go every year to our airshow, and each year I try and get better pictures. 
Here are two...

 My Second Airplane ride!! It was so amazing to me to look out the window and see the rolling clouds and the ground so far beneath us!! It was also fun to desend from a nice sunny day to a cloudy snowy day. :-)
I thoroughly enjoyed my first and second airplane ride!! (to and from Washington D.C.) :) 
Here are a few pictures I got from my window! :)


Snow just makes a perfect background. It really made the birds stand out more! So, with our last snow, I got some more pictures of our birds! :)

  Our Cardinals are shy. The female never moved from her spot in the tree. They always kept their distance and when I moved to try and get a better angle they would fly away. I really wanted a picture of the female, but never did get one. :)


Anyone know what type of bird the bird below is?? I'm not quite sure. 
I thought it might be a 'Dark Eyed Junco'

 Downy Woodpeckers



Another Woodpecker- A Red Bellied Woodpecker



We Got More Snow!!!

We got some more snow!! Its more slush than snow now. But, it still made everything look pretty! :) 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Guitar Pictures

A friend of mine gives guitar lessons and needed some business cards. 
I made him some, but needed a picture of a guitar to go on them, so here's some that I got of our guitar.