Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some more Landscape

One of the many views on some of my bike rides! :)

View from my brothers tree house

So, this was early in the morning some time ago. I was staying with my brothers in their tent and woke up to this. :) However, lazy me, didn't get up to truly get a good picture. I am still laying down and taking the picture from underneath the trampoline/which we camped next to. :) Wish I had gotten a fuller view. :)

View of field near where we live, before being hayed.

Afterwards :) These were taken a few years back. The man who mowed them this year was quick and didn't leave the hay bails long, so I didn't get any pictures this year.

Landscape view of a Civil War battleground. Antietam

View of some mountains from Montpelier

One of my favorite landscapes are mountains! I love mountain pictures, drawings and paintings! Unfortunately I have never been able to capture a mountain landscape the way I would like. I really haven't ever been to a mountain range and would love to go some time! I've seen several from a distance, but hope to make it to one sometime! I hope to in the future!! This picture was taken from the car! My favorite part of our trips to DC was when we got to the mountainish / hilly roads. :) Naturally the one time I decided to try and get some pictures was one of the last times we took the trip and it was raining/cloudy. :) Oh well, I hope to get better pictures in the future! :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flowers from my Garden

I have been watching God grow my flower garden! I planted several different types of flowers and so far most of them have done well! :) My sunflowers are getting Very tall!!! :-) Hope you enjoy.... :-)

Flower with Verse

Monday, July 11, 2011

CHEF conference-2011

I recently returned from a good time in St. Charles!! The 2011 CHEF conference!! www.chef-missouri.com
Well, it was almost a month ago now, but anyway.... :) I got to help Light of Faith set up for the conference, visit with new and old friends, have a photo shoot with a delightful friend, buy a new book from light of faith by Rebekah Morris, :) listen to some godly wonderful speakers, among them being Voddie Bauchum (one of my favorites) and Doug Philips (really enjoyed his history and exploration talks :)), and I also got to see some trailers/extras to some good movies... ("Pendragon" (enjoyed this one a lot :)), and "The Penny")... I have enjoyed the christian movies over the years and they seem to be getting better and better. :) So far the movies I've seen I have enjoyed the stories they tell. I also enjoy the Moore's productions!!! I believe I saw a trailer for an upcoming movie from them too!! :)
I also got to be an extra in a upcoming movie!! The "Sons of Georgia". :) It was my first time and it was fun! All I did was sit in the background of a ball scene they were doing, but it was interesting to watch and listen to the group bring the scene together! :) Though it is a "confederate" movie I was glad to be of some help, and besides I couldn't turn down an opportunity to be an extra, ha ha! :) Anyway...

  Let's see I also got to swim for several hours at the hotel pool!! LOVE swimming!! :-) And last but not least, I got to attend a Civil War Ball!!!!! :-) It was fun!! I danced almost every dance... the dance I wasn't able to dance I got pictures of instead! :-) I danced basically every dance with my little sister, so I was the gentleman most of the time. :) I had one dance that I was the lady in and I had to get used to being the girl and not the guy!! :-) It was all fun! Anywho.... here are some pictures from the conference/curriculum fair and from the Ball (the ones with me in the photo were taken by my dad) :)

Part of the Hotel :)

Me dancing :)

I really liked the Blue and the Green dress, to the right, in this picture :)

Loved the little purple dress! :)


Me again

Boys arm wrestling. :)

One of my favorite booths :) Light of Faith

Another fun booth! :)


Listening to some good talks

My Civil War Dress... my mother helped me finish the dress or it would not of look very good at all! :) It took about four days total to make. I sewed the dress together in two days and than my mother helped me do the lace and ribbon part...I should say I helped her because she did most of the work in that area!!! :-) I am so thankful that she did that for me! I really liked the dress after she finished it!! :) Before she got a hold of it, it was just ok, but after she was done, it was fantastic! :) The hat I put together. I got the hat part from Williamsburg, VA.! I love hats!!! :) My sister's dress was a borrowed one from great friends of ours! They are really good at sewing costumes and let her borrow that one! :-) I think she had a wonderful time!! She really liked dressing up!! :) It was fun to dress up with her and dance with her!! :-)

For more CHEF and Dance photos visit my friends blogs who were also at the conference here....
 Majolaine and Valerie Belley!!

Hope to get camp photos up soon! :) And some more summer photos! :)