Sunday, July 28, 2013


I just got back from an amazing trip to Alaska!!!! Visited my best friend and her husband up there for 9 days!! It was quite the adventure and loads of fun!!! I got a LOT of pictures however and have barley started to go through them all. Soo, I literally just scrolled through them and randomly picked a few to post today! :) I hope to post my favorites from each day I was there, hopefully sooner then later :) Maybe I'll try and post a set each day this week, but no promises of that :) For now enjoy the few! :)

Drove up one of the mountains and got quite a view!!! :)

The plane trips there and back had some pretty neat sites too! :)

It was cloudy a few days I was there :)

Went to several Beautiful Parks there!!!!

Sunset in the plane-ride (one of the many plane rides :) home

 Had several BEAUTIFUL sunsets while I was there!!!!! I LOVE THE SUNSETS!!!!!! :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

SnapShot Sunday!!!

Ready for a lot of snapshots!? :) Figuring out my new camera and enjoying every moment! :)
Flowers in my Garden! :)

 Flowers we bought for the fourth!! :)

 Columbia Fireworks! Wish I could have gotten in a better spot. :) Maybe next year! :)
 Totally loved playing with all my different camera settings throughout the show! I have a LOT of firework pictures :) lol :)

 Home fireworks! This one just looked interesting :) Its a rocket shooting off :)
 We had a lot of fireworks! Fountains are a favorite though :)
 These fireworks were very hard to get a picture of because they were so fast!!! But I did get my camera to focus and take a picture fast enough a couple of times :)

Left the shutter open a little longer for this one :)

Well I hope you all had a great Fourth of July too!!!! :) That's all for now! :) Hope to post again next week :)