Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year-2011

Happy New Year!! 
This is the front of a card that I made yesterday. 
It originally was a birthday card for a friend.
Hope 2011 is wonderful for anyone who's reading this!! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! I hope yours is fantastic!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

1st Snow of December 2010

Violin and Rose (Black and White)
Snowy Creek
                                    Hand made and Hand Designed Wedding Invitations
Trevor and Hannah's Wedding Invitations
Trevor is another one of my brothers. The most recent to have married. Their wedding colors were red and white and Hannah's flowers were roses. Trevor actually was the main designer here. Hannah had found an invitation she had liked with hearts on the front, but it was all white and she really wanted red. So, Trevor came to me. I made up a few designs for him, but they weren't quite what he was thinking. However after looking them over, he came up with the idea of the hearts being placed on the front with their names. The design then grew with more and more ideas until it ended up like this. :) The hearts with their name on them however did have to be hand cut, making it a little more difficult. My best friend helped me out, making it that much more enjoyable! :) Trevor and Hannah also had an invitation assembly party. Family and friends came to help put them together. Very fun to watch though, for the party ended up being mostly guys!! It was great seeing them all around the table sticking hearts together, edging envelopes, and double stick taping paper together. They did go target shooting afterward though. :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Framed Photos-For sale-$50.00

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Welcome to my blog!!

There are many different things that I do, and make.

Photos - Captured and Custom Made:
My delight is to take pictures of God's glorious creation and frame them. I can make collages, print verses and or sayings on my pictures, and I'm willing to do themed photos (custom made). I have done many themed photos in the past. Books by candlelight, tea party, sword, patriotic, holidays, music, and instruments. If you have an idea for a themed picture let me know and I will do my best to set one up and capture it for you. I am also willing to do memory photos, such as a baby memory. I would collect whatever would be wanted in the photo such as first shoes, birth certificate, blanket, balloons, first picture etc… and set it up into a picture. So if any or all of those items were misplaced or lost than you would have them still in a photo that you could hang or even use as an announcement card.  I could do the same for anything you wanted to have complied into a memory. Wedding, Graduation, Birthday… I hope to have a sample up soon.

Check out the custom made photo's I have done in the past in the "themed photos" under labels! :)
Check out the other samples in the different categories in the Labels!!

I am able to frame any of my photos. Prices vary depending on the price of the frame and such. It can range anywhere from $10’s to the $100's, to the $1000’s. :) If you want any of my pictures framed or several pictures put into a collage and framed, just let me know!! I would love to frame any of them for you in any way I can!! :) I also can canvas any of them.

Check out samples under 'Framed Photos' in the Labels! :)
If you just want prints of any of the photos, I am able to do that as well. Prices can vary.
These are the lowest price that I have…

4x6- $5.00                               Starting price...Framed 4x6- $15.00
4x6- just matted- $8.00                  
5x7- $10.00                             Framed 5x7- $30.00
5x7-matted- $16.00
8x10- $20.00                           Framed 8x10- $60.00
8x10-matted- $30.00
11x14- $75.00                         Framed 11x14- $150.00
11x14-matted- $85.00
16x20- $100.00                       Framed 16x20- $200.00
16x20-matted- $125.00
24x30- $150.00                       Framed 24x30- $300.00
24x30-matted- $160.00
and so on... :)

Prices for Canvas photos starts at $100 and can range into the $1000’s.
Collage Framed photos starts at $50 and can range into the $100’s

Photo Gifts:
There are so many different things one can use pictures for these days. T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, coasters, posters, calendars, screen savers, and almost anything one can think of. Check out my gift section for samples of some of the above!

Wedding Invitations:
Hand Designed and Hand Made Wedding Invitations ranging from $1.20 per invitation to $7.00  per invitation depending on design and the price of materials.
Please check out my samples under 'Wedding Invitations' in the Labels to find out more! :)

Greeting Cards:
I also do hand made cards, greeting cards, birthday cards, sympathy cards, thank-you cards, and invitations to any events. I generally use my own photos in the design of the card. They price anywhere from $1.00 a card to $7 a card. There are also package deals.

Check out my samples under 'Cards' in the Labels! :)
Any of the photos on this blog I can use to put on the front of any card.
Most of my cards measure at 5 and half inches tall by 4 and a fourth inches wide- (vertical viewing) :) They are usually made with white card-stock, though almost any color is available, and can fit into an invitation size envelope.

Notice: For the rest of the P.I.C.'s by Breanna, copying from this site is against copyright laws and I ask that you please honor this. They are for purchase only. I ask that you do not claim them as your own.

"With God nothing will be impossible." Luke 1:37