Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 9-10- Alaska

My last day! It was raining today. My filght left in the afternoon so we had the morning to do something. :) So Becka took me to their mall, which we called a ghost mall because it was small and very very few people in it. :) Still fun though! :) We then ate lunch played some more backgammon and then went to catch the ferry across to the airport!
So, thus ended my trip to Alaska. It was an amazing trip and loads of fun! I am so thankful I was able to go and that they had me up to visit! Besides seeing my best friend and having the time of my life, my favorite part of the trip was probably the sunsets, and being able to eat ice-cream, Lol! :) I LOVE sunsets and we had many amazing ones!!! The nine days seemed to fly by too fast, but I am grateful I had nine days!! :) Pictures are worth a thousand words they say, but I could give more detail about my trip if you ever wanted to hear any! :) When it comes to writing I could write and write and write, but I won't, cause I'm not the best at it :) Lol :)
I'll give you detail about my flight home tho :) Lol
The flight home took a long time!!! Flew out of Alaska at 4, arrived in Seattle, waited in Seattle for my next flight for two hours, flew from Seattle to San Francisco, waited in San Fran for almost an hour, and from San Fran I flew to Dallas Texas. All of those flights were first class and pretty interesting and comfortable enough :) Tho I couldn't really sleep on any of them, cause I did try on the three hour flight to Dallas, but didn't get much. Upon arriving in Dallas, the airport was empty, so I walked to my gate, ate finally ate at a restaurant that had just opened. I got there before the crowd cause after I sat down to eat my food, they had like 20 more customers! I think they were one of the only ones open :) Anyway, after eating I went and sat down and charged my phone. There were a few people at the gate I was at, so I ended up laying down on the chairs and slept for about an hour, cause I was exhausted by this point! :) My layover in Dallas ended up being 3-4 hours, cause they canceled my first flight, then delayed the next one. So finally I got to fly back home but I was bumped out of first class for some reason and had to sit in the back between two business men. I wasn't going to complain cause I just wanted to get home!! :) So that flight wasn't very exciting. But I did make it to KC at 12 I think where my family picked me up! Then we drove home after eating lunch! I then proceeded to sleep somewhat for the next three days. I ended up getting sick with a pretty bad fever and didn't feel good at all! But by the next week I was able to get back to normal routine mostly :)
But anyway! Here's the last of the photos....

He or She :), came to say goodbye that morning! :) It was sitting outside near their place when I woke up! I saw him out the window and went and got some photos! Walked as close as I could this time tho! There was a fence between him and me, so I couldn't get too close, but close enough :)

 This one was taken from Josh and Becka's porch! :)

 The mall! :) Look a person!! Lol :)
 They had a Lego competitions there, and there were some pretty neat creations :)
 Being it was raining, we drove onto the ferry this time :)
 An eagle! This was inside the airport! :)
 A plane, not mine tho
Start of the trip was all clouds!! :)
 Then it cleared and the sun started to set! :)

 ME :) or Us I guess ;)
 Taking off from Seattle!! The sunset was breathtaking in person!!!!

 Phone pictures! :)
San Fran!! :) And the moon! :)
 So technically I guess now it is Day 10 :)
 Dallas Airport! My dinner! :)
 I was BORED at Dallas Airport! All of my entertaining devices were getting boring. Lol :) I think it was mainly cause I was tired!  :)

Morning time!!! :) Sunrise in Dallas! Lol :)
My room looked a mess for three straight days!!!! When I felt better cleaning my room was the first thing I did! lol :) I can't stand a mess for very long!!! :-) But see my room does get messy! lol :)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the photos!!! That's it for Alaska!! At least for now :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 8- Alaska!

My last full day! Becka and I went souvenir shopping and then we went to the beach to watch the last sunset! Which ended up being amazing!!!! :) It was a wonderful day! Ended the journey to Alaska wonderfully!!

 Ketchikan! :) It was another beautiful day!

 Ketchikan's famous eagle :)

 I look like a tourist! Lol :)

 Had a sample of the popcorn and it was amazing!! :)
 Becka and I!
 Panorama view of what Becka and I were looking at! :)
Bought a bear for my niece and nephew :)
 The beach! And the sun setting....

 Where we ate dinner :)

 Phone Pictures :)
 Hi :)
 Dinner :) Was inside the tin foil :)
 Josh and Rebecca!

 We had smores too!!! Yum!!!

The last sunset of the trip! :( :)

Day 9 coming tomorrow I hope!! :)