Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 7- Alaska!

Day seven was Sunday :) So, we went to church and then out to eat! Then we took a climb up a mountain, in a truck and did some exploring :) It was a lot of fun and very beautiful!!!! We were able to go pretty far up! The pictures aren't quite as good as the real thing, but I did get some =)

Where we ate :) It was good :)

 These purple flowers were everywhere and so pretty! :)
 Rebecca gave me the idea for this photo :)

 We're so far up! :) Lol
 The road we drove on :)
 The Lake down there is where we were to begin with :)

 Me :) Lol

 A tiny forest that we explored and found a dam :)

 The Lake we started at. So technically this came before all the others :)

 Clouds rolling through the mountains

 Black -n- White

 Got this one with my phone :)

 Look flowers :)
That's it for day 7!! :)

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Rebekah said...

What can I say besides amazing!