Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 6- Alaska

Day 6 we took a nice long hike through a forest! We calculated we walked about 11 miles!! :) It was quite the hike! But so worth it! The forest was really neat!!! Felt like a forest you would see in the movies! After our long hike we relaxed the rest of the day/evening :)

 Had a picnic lunch! :)

 The trees our so big! Lol :)

 Pretty neat waterfall! :) Top one is with fast shutter speed and the bottom one is a slower shutter speed :)

 Becka and I!!! :)
 Becka and Josh sitting in a tree! :)

 It was nice to have a trail, thought it wasn't this big or clear the whole time! :-) Definitely could get lost in that forest! :)
Thought the stuff hanging off the branches was neat

 Another waterfall- well sorta :)

 Tried several different settings on my camera throughout the walk. Thus the reason some pictures look different then others :)

 We wondered how far up the mountain we walked! Never could tell :)
 In person this look much further up! We hiked up the side of the mountain. :)

 A clearing! :)
 On our hike back we stopped by the creek again and waded through it :)

 The sun came out!! :)

 Some blue sky :)

 Sunset! We stopped somewhere on the way back home to get these pictures :) Josh was nice enough to stop whenever I saw a picture! Lol :)
 Yes, this is very much edited! :)

 Driving! Took a few snapshots! I liked this one cause you could see the sun and the shadows :)

 Back home! :) Went and got pictures of the clouds :) outside their apartment

 Chocolate Mint Ice-cream!!!!! SOOOOOO yummy!!! :)

Dinner!! Becka and Josh provided many really good meals!!! :)

 Relaxing :)

The end of day 6


Miss Sarah said...

These are GREAT pictures, Breanna! I'm really enjoying seeing them all and hearing about your trip! :) Everything is so beautiful up there!

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Thanks Sarah!!! I appreciate yours and Becca's feedback! :) Glad you are enjoying them! I'm enjoying going through them! :) So glad I was able to go!

Rebekah said...

That hike looks so beautiful!
And hearing that Josh would stop when you wanted to take a picture reminded me of Stephen (Amber's husband in Canada). He was always willing to do the same. He even offered to back up once when we saw some young skunks walking down the road and turning off into a field. We declined. :)

Now I have to go look at Day 7.