Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 1 in Alaska!!

Sorry its taken me a little longer then originally planned to make it through all of my photos! :) Hard to chose favorites!! I took about 300 photos a day on my 10 day adventure! I did have three different cameras with me though! :) My phone, my cheaper water-proof camera, and my amazing Nikon, which of course took the most photos! :) So, anyways, day one was driving to KC, shopping a little, and flying to Ketchikan
Alaska! Flew out of KCI, and into Seattle, Washington, then from Seattle to Ketchikan!!! :) I had first class the whole way and an amazing flight!!! :) I had a window seat and didn't look away from the window for very long! :) I took over 300 pictures on the flight! It also was the first real time being able to play with my camera so between that and the constant changing of a great view 100 photos per hour doesn't seem too bad! Lol :)

Well, day starts off! :) My family drove me to Kansas City! This is only two of them! Phone couldn't get everyone in the van! :)

 Lol, this totally scared me at first! I was doing something with my phone and looked up to see this in front of us! Took me a second to realize it wasn't driving towards us :)

My phone even did a pretty good job taking photos from the plane!! :) Wish I knew what we were flying over the whole time! We flew through several states I'm sure :)

 I kinda liked all the squares :)
 Saw some pretty cool cloud formations up there

 Playing with my zoom lens here! :)

 Saw lots of mountains, they just went on and on! :) though there hard to see in the background
 Reached Seattle!! :)
 Boarded the plane to Alaska and got to see them handle the luggage! The purple one is mine!! :)
One of the Alaska Airlines
 Loved the views!!!

Snow topped mountains!!
Made it!!! My best friend and her husband picked me up at the airport.
 View from the ferry that we took from the Airport across to Ketchikan. Wasn't a long ride :)

The Ferry :)
 The sunset!!!!

Made it to Ketchikan in time for the sunset!! :)

Day two of my trip I hope to post tomorrow!!! :)


Rebekah said...

Oh wow!!! I'm not sure what else to say. :) Loved all the pictures from the airplane! Someday maybe I'll ride an airplane again.
I'm very much looking forward to more pictures. :)

Miss Sarah said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! :)