Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 4-- Alaska!

Today wasn't sunny, but the cloud cover was still pretty neat to see over the mountains! We went to see totem poles, went swimming, fished a little and relaxed! Also stopped by the grocery store to get something to fix for dinner :) Another fantastic day in Alaska! :)

Stopped to get some pictures on the drive to see the totem poles! :)

 Panorama view with my phone! :)

 Overlooking Ketichikan
 The Totem Poles :)

 More Trees! :)

 Yep, pretty interesting! :)

Stopped by Walmart to get goggles! :) Walmarts don't change much :) Lol
 The Pool!!! Let's just say I wish we had a pool like this here!!! :)

The high dive and that slide in the background were super fun!!! The slide was like a canon as it shot you out of it! :)
 Snapshot I got from the car while we were driving! :)
 Stopped to fish off a bridge! :) I really liked the clouds as the rolled over the mountains !:)
 I tried many times to get a picture of a salmon jumping out of the water, cause they did it quite often, but never could get one. So if you can see it there is a salmon right under the water! He just jumped back in :)
 More clouds!! :) Annnddd, a before/after picture... before the gigantic cruise ship came through and after :) well really during him sailing through :)

 Josh and Becka bought me a coffee :) Tho I really don't think there was much coffee in it ;)

 This is what they get to see when they walk out of their grocery store :)

Day 5 hope to post tomorrow! :)

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Rebekah said...

I'm running out of adjectives. :) Great pictures, Breanna!