Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alaska- Day 5

Here's day five!!!! Fishing trip!! :) Bought a fishing license and fished most of the day! :) Rebecca caught one, Josh caught two, and I "caught" three!!! Mine just didn't make it all the way out of the water ;) Another Fun day!!!!

Another cloudy day :) Woke up to planes flying in and out :)

 Still pretty even with the clouds! :)

 So there was this eagle who kept flying around while we were fishing. I'm pretty sure it waited until I had put down my camera and started fishing before it actually flew close by! Lol :) Still got a few but I just had to zoom a lot and crop the pictures :) He did fly right in front of me and catch a fish while I was fishing so of course I couldn't get that on camera :-)
 Josh untangling! He did that a lot :) Lol! But it was worth it for the catch!
 Another bird :)
 The eagle again

 Can you find the eagle in this picture?? :)
 The eagle sitting far away :)
 Soo, I probably took as many pictures as I did casts! Lol :) Okay maybe not, but I did get a lot of pictures too :)
 A usual site and noise in Alaska :)
 I really liked the clouds!

 We fished that evening too! :) Sun is setting here! Lol :)

 Yep I did fish! :) And it was colder
 Stopped for lunch at a diner they had there!
 We caught something!!!

 If you can see it, this is one of Josh's fish :)
 Josh caught a really really small fish!
 Becka's catch of the day!!!

 Josh also caught starfish! It was the weirdest catch of the day :)

Someone moving! Lol :)
Headed home and saw a cruise ship with some of their lights on! It looked much neater in person! :) But that's true for everything! :)

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Rebekah said...

I've only been fishing once and I'm not sure I'd want to do any fishing, but it sure looks like you all had fun. I've never thought of starfish being that far north. :)