Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 3- Alaska!

Day 3 in Alaska was another beautiful day!!!!! My best friend and I ate a picnic lunch at a park they have there and walked around the lake twice and of course took a lot of photos :) Also went down to the beach for dinner and watched the sunset! It was a fabulous day!
So, I usually don't do much editing anyways, but usually the pictures need a little touch up here and there and every so often I just like editing just to see what they look like other ways. However day 3 pictures turned out so well that I pretty much didn't edit any of these! Enjoy :)

 Woke up to a Bald Eagle sitting outside! :) Wish I could have gotten a little closer, but I was still pretty excited to see one! :)

 Ward Lake I believe was the name of this lake/park! The trail around the lake was beautiful! :)

 Most of the trees there seem to grow out sideways first and then up! :)

 Such big trees! :)

 This one kinda reminded me of a tropical rain forest or something. :)

 Such interesting root systems. Grew above the ground I guess after growing underground. :)
 Trees growing out of trees all the time :)
 Rope swing!

Relaxed at the apartment and played backgammon :)

 Also stopped by the McDonald's there :) Just about the only "usual fast food" restaurant there :)
 My first shake in FOREVER!!!!! Being I was on vacation I went ahead and had one :) It was SOOO good :)

 At the beach!! :)
 Becka and Josh! <3

 Camp fire! Fixing hot dogs! :)

 Yep, I was taking pictures :)
Dinner :) It was yummy :)

 The beautiful sunset!
I think this one is my favorite! :)

 The other side. :) Or I guess behind us :) You can kinda see the mountains peeking through the fog :)

  Took this one with my phone :)
 The moon!! It was a foggy night! :)

Day four I hope to post tomorrow! :)


Rebekah said...

Absolutely stunning! I just loved that path winding through the trees. And a fire right next to the water's edge to roast your supper on? Now that's something I'd LOVE to do! It all looks like so much fun and I'm sure you enjoyed every minute of it! I'll look forward to seeing more pictures. :D

Miss Sarah said...

These make me want to go visit! :) How amazing to be able to wake up to a Bald Eagle outside your window!!

I'm so glad you got to go visit Becka!