Tuesday, May 10, 2011

James Madison's Home- Montpelier

 Here are some pictures from
When we "lived" in Washington DC, my family and I visited a LOT of different historic sites! Some of my favorites were the homes where past presidents lived! Such as James and Dolly Madison! :) When we were at Montpelier in 2009 the inside of the house was still being re-done! We were still given a tour through the house and our tour guide did a wonderful job explaining everything that would of been in the rooms at the time! I also enjoyed the horse aspect of Montpelier, being it was, and might still be, a race course as well! :) They also had a barn and pasture lands that held "retired" thoroughbreds! :) So, anyway here are some of the pictures from our day at Montpelier! :)

View from the top porch! :)

A really old tree! I believe, if I remember correctly, it is 100 years old! :)
Gateway to their Garden

View from a distance... :-)


Rebekah said...

Oh, how pretty! Perhaps one of these days I'll go visit there.

Savories of Life said...

Some day I hope to visit this place you spoke about. I am having trouble picking a favorite picture. I really like gthe chair and gate ones. Will you be at dance practice this week?

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Yea sorry we couldn't make the last dance practice! All the rain we had we thought we probably should stay at home. :)This week I don't think we'll be able to make it either, :( I hope to make the last one in June though!!! May is always busy for us!! Travel, Graduation, and Weddings!! :)