Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rock Bridge State Park

These are pictures of a well kept "park" we have in Columbia. It's got a nice walk through the forest and good hiking. I've only been twice that I can remember, but I hope to go again! It has some very neat caves and cliffs as well!! :) I went once when I was very young with my older brothers and than once last year with my younger brothers! :) My older brothers remember being able to explore a lot more and go into some of the bigger caves, unfortunately when I went the second time one of the bigger caves had been shut off. Though there was a smaller one in which we were still allowed to explore. It was amazing to feel the temperature change as we went down the walk-way into the cave!! :) Sorry I don't have any pictures of it, they didn't turn out very well, and I wasn't able to find some of them. :( Hope you enjoy the ones I do have though!!! :)

Looking down into one of the caves! :)

 This is from down where the cave we enter is, looking up! :)

My favorite! :)

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Rebekah said...

Very pretty! That looks like a wonderful place to go. (Except for the caves. I don't like caves. At least not if I can't see the opening.:})