Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Enjoying Spring!!! The weather today is nice!! :) I have decided to post some flower pictures! Some old and some new! My favorite type of flower at the moment are daisy's (though I don't have any pictures of my favorites in this post) :). My favorite color in flowers are violet, though I enjoy all the colors!! :) My favorite flower to grow are morning glories, mainly because they grow anywhere and everywhere!! :) What are your favorites?!! :)
I just recently planted my flower garden again this year!
I'm getting lots of flowers popping up and I can't wait to till they are all full grown!!

Some flowering trees in my brother's back yard! :)

Some flowers I planted in my garden this year!!

Our Flag pole! :) First time planting pre-grown flowers! Hope I don't kill em! :)
Re-painted our sign! That was fun! I like painting, as long as it's not continual. :)

Some flowers at Shelter Gardens!! A beautiful well kept garden in Columbia! :)

 Dogwood trees!! I hope to get some more pictures of the dogwood trees up! :)

Some wild flowers I took several years ago! They grow along side our road! :)


Miss Sarah said...

Beautiful! You've got a much larger selection than I had this morning. :) Aren't flowers wonderful?! :)

Rebekah said...

Are those in the next to last picture, Brown-eyed Susan or Black-eyed Susan? I can't tell if the middle is brown or black.:) I love those flowers. But then, I love pretty much all flowers. Great pictures!

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

I think they are Brown-eyed Susans. :)
Yes, Flowers are wonderful!!!! :) I love flowers too!!