Friday, January 20, 2012

Red-Tailed Hawk

For the last several weeks I have been trying to capture more wildlife photos. However, I have not been as successful as I would like. The deer seem to like to wander through our yard when I don't have my camera with me, :) the birds (more so the cardinals) don't ever come to eat at the feeder when there is a human outside, and than there has been a red-tailed hawk avoiding me. :-) I do believe I need to take another whole day to take pictures of various things, like I did in September :). For I don't wait as long as is necessary for some of the wildlife, and than some of the other wildlife's timing isn't always in schedule with my day. =) 

Anyway.... to the pictures. :)
 Can you spot the hawk?? :) This shot was taken a few days after the second photo. I was able to make it outside and close(ish) to the tree where he was. He did keep flying away though, and unfortunately I haven't seen him in his (this) usual spot now for a while. I think I might of scared him off. :{
Okay, so I wasn't originally going to post this picture (due to the fact it's not very good :), but, it has an interesting short story to it. :) I was sitting in our living room visiting with my sister-n-law and watching my niece play. While i was however, I spotted this hawk in the trees near our house. I wasn't sure if it really was a bird just with my eyes, so I got our binoculars to look. Well, I thought before I went outside to try and capture him through my camera, I would try taking a photo through the binoculars! :) Genius right? :-) Well, as you can see it didn't work very well. :) The above picture is what I got, can you see him? Also, unfortunately he flew off before I was even able to make it outside to try. :) So this was all I got the first day I saw him. :)


Starling Man Sam said...

I've done the very same thing! The results were rarely acceptable!:) (I did take some pretty good ones of a Red-shouldered & a Sharp-shinned hawk, through a telescope.)

Rebekah said...

Interesting. :)

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Umm, a telescope. Interesting. :) I've never tried that!! :D

thanks for the comments!! :-D