Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day of Photos!! :)

Labor day (Monday) I had my camera with me all day and took several different pictures!! This day is not my usual day by the way, I tried to just take a day to get some pictures that I've been wanting.... though I think I will do it again someday, to hopefully get even better pictures. :) I was very grateful to God for giving me a Beautiful day to spend almost all day out in!!!!! :) It was fun and I hope you enjoy the pictures too!! :)

So, Here is the day in photos. :) From sunrise to after sunset at Barclay Ridge....

First I had to drag myself out of bed at 6 am!!!
I am more of a night/evening person, but it was nice to rise with the sun. :) Well, after tip-toeing out of the house with my dog (quite interesting, but was successful) I went and watched the sun rise!! :).....

and rise....

and rise....

I enjoy fields with rows! :) It's enjoyable to me to drive through the farm land and see the rows of crops!!
Flowers on the walk home
Love the morning sun. =)
A red tailed hawk that I tried a couple of times to capture, but he kept flying away. :) 

Sat near our bird feeder to try and capture some other birds, none came but this woodpecker. :)
Read the Bible

 Took some pictures of a few of the remaining flowers in my garden
I liked the sun effect in these two =)

 Took a hike through our woods
Tried to capture a few spider webs, this was the best one I could get that morning.
 Walked by my old fort/teepee.... looks like it needs some work. :) But it is seven years old

 These three trees always remind me of the book "Tale of Three Trees"

Sat in the forest for about thirty minutes just waiting for some deer to walk by. =)
Mom and her youngster...

I've been spotted. :)

Some more sites in our woods. :)
 A thistle. :)
Beautiful Day!!! Loved the clouds

 A trail

I don't know why but this part of our forest always reminds me of "Lord of the Rings". :)
 My Lunch- toasted ham and cheese!! YUM!!
 A walking stick on our porch
 An unhealthy but yet tasty snack. :)

My dog, wondering what I'm doing... =)
 Sat near our feeder in the afternoon and I got a few other birds. :)
 A male hummingbird guarding his feeder

 Loving this beautiful weather!! :)
 Some more birds

 Chickadee hiding in the trees
 Mourning dove
Took a bike ride.... Stopped to take some photos of the road side wild flowers


 Black-n-White edited flowers
Thistles by the side of the road

Barclay creek
 Took a joy ride in my brothers new car!!! =)
Our swing set :)

 The dogs waiting for their dinner
 The bird I've been trying to capture all day at our feeder/bath

 Sunset...... well really after the sun set.
Due to some family things I didn't get back outside in time to catch the sun going down.
But than, I've had several sunsets over the last few days. :)

 The Moon!! :)

So, I decide when midnight rolled around that I would try and capture the stars for you! :) They were very beautiful and I could see them really good that night!! So here are a few pictures.... :) I do believe that probably at least half of those "stars" are dust or something, unless my camera captured more stars than I could see. :) But I thought the picture looked neat anyway. =)

Well, that ends the day. :)

Hope you had a wonderful "Labor Day" :)

Hope you are also enjoying this beautiful weather,
and that you are having beautiful weather as we have the last few days!!! :)

Due to the length of this post, I think it has enough photos in it to make up for the next several days... so I won't be posting for probably the rest of the week. :) Hope yours is good!!


Rebekah said...

Wow! Love all the pictures. I have an idea in mind and seeing some of these pictures is really inspiring me. I'll send you an e-mail with what I had thought of.:)
And I am LOVING this weather!

Miss Sarah said...

Lovely day! Thanks for sharing all those pictures, Breanna! You have such a talent! Keep using to for the Lord's glory!

And YES, this weather is BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

Savories of Life said...

Was fun to see your day. Is the other dog your brothers?

Yes the weather is beautiful . We went to the Burns on Monday for a last base ball game which we call Burns ball and for a camp fire cookout.

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Thank-you gals!!! I am so glad you all are enjoying this weather too!!! :) Base-ball and a camp out sounds fun Valerie!! =) Oh, and yes the other dog is my brothers, though it is Glory's (my dogs) puppy. :) It's a Siberian Husky/ Golden mix!! She is a really great dog!!! :)
Thanks again for the comments!!! Hope the rest of your week is amazing!! :)