Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whole Lot of Fun! =)

Round-Up 2011!! This event is always sooooo much fun!! Lots of friends, family, fun, games, food and of course some work. :) Here is a few of the many pictures I got of the day!! :) Now, because of some of the pictures... ;) I will not give out names of the family and good friends who got caught in the shots. =) I hope you enjoy!! The pictures won't be nearly as fun as the event itself!! Wish you all (who weren't there) could of been there!! Oh, and wow is this a LONG post!!! Sorry if it takes a while to load!!

The Peanut Butter Pie I made for the Pie contest!! It came in first for presentation!! :)

 Work first, play later! =)

Puppy dog!! :)

I love this bridge!!! It is sooo neat!!!

Cowboy taking a break

Go Away!!! Lol, you don't like your picture taken?? =) He was smiling!! :)

Love the pink Hat!!!! So cute!!! :)


Me knife throwing! :} AHH, better run!! =)

Washer Toss

Taking a horse ride!

 Feeding the horse! :)

Cake walk

Playing checkers. Wonder who's winning?? Looks like it's two against one! :)

Hay Ride!

Not allowed to snack with us. =(

Lassoing those cows!! =)

Race to finish

Guessing Jars

Yes, a good friend took this picture for me of me and my good friend!! =)
 These next four pictures were taken by a friend of mine! :)
Getting a posse round up to catch some outlaws!! =) I'm trying to get a deputy badge to work! =) Harder than you think. :)

 Ye-haw!!! Loving the swing!! :) Sooo cute!!

Girls rounding up to shoot some paintballs. =) Ummm, could be dangerous. :)

Course the boys can get dangerous too. :)

Couple Re-lay Race!! :) Fun to watch!!

Digging a well. :)

Hunting for some deer. :)

Eating fast to hopefully not finish last. :)

"You took it, Didn't you?"

Cute Cowgirl!!

Ringing some sarsaparilla. :)

Another cute cowgirl! :)


Bow and Arrow

Some more knife throwing

Couples Re-lay again.... The wives "dressing" their husbands. :)

Gold Rush! One's blind and his partner is not allowed to do anything but instruct the blind one what to do! :) Pretty fun to watch!! :)

Two little girls doing the gold rush game!!! They were funny to watch and listen to!!!

Modern day horse. :)

Me playing volleyball (picture by my brother) I'm at the right!

Timed race!! Who can make it through the course the fastest!! :)

Keeping track

Just visiting

Three girls doing the rope-a-prize!!  A favorite among the children!

Happy group aren't they? :) I got this picture just at the right time. Everyone is glaring or has a serious face!!! :) They were just laughing!! Lol!

Hot Dogs!!

Pie judg'n

"Ooh, that was good right?"

Waiting to hear who won the guessing jars and the grand prizes!!! :)

Supper Time!!

Me and my best friend!

Danc'n!! Ye-Haw!!! Love dancing!!

So, when I was going through my several hundred pictures, I found that there were several people who didn't want to look at my camera, than there were some who just looked surprised to see my camera. So, does my camera look that scary, or is it me?? =) (By the end of the night, I think it was me! :))

Well, I hope you enjoyed!!! It was fun taking all these pictures as well as going through them all!! Wish I could share all of my pictures from the day with you!!!
Which was your favorite??


Miss Sarah said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! That was a GREAT day! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. :) Thanks for sharing your pictures! They're the first I've seen. Care to share...? :)

Your pie looks super yummy! I didn't even see it when I went through the line. It must have been already devoured. Too bad, I would have loved a piece. :)

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Thank-you Sarah! It was fun! :)
If you want I can sent you a CD of pictures?? I'm sending Mrs. C a CD!! :)
I know! Rebecca C wanted a piece too and didn't get one! I told her I would have to make her her own! :) I wouldn't of gotten any either if Crystal hadn't let me eat the rest of the Judges' pie piece! :D Sorry you didn't get to try it!! Maybe I should make you one too!! :-) It was my first time making it! Hard to go wrong though with peanut butter and chocolate!! :)

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Hey Sarah, didn't your pie come in first for taste?? Congrats!! Wish I had gotten a piece of your pies!! They looked yummy too!!! :)

Rebekah said...

LOVE those pictures! It was a down right good time that day! :) I enjoyed every minute of it (except that my feet sure hurt by the end.) I hope you send a CD of pictures to Sarah. :) I might have seen a piece of your pie, but I was already supposed to eat another piece, so I missed out too. :}
Anyway, great pictures and thanks for sharing them. :D

Leah Mays said...

Awesome! looks like loads of fun!

Angela said...

Great pictures, Breanna! I want to see all of your hundreds of pictures. If you send a CD to Sarah, I'll have to look at them all with her. :) I was pretty preoccupied that day, so didn't get many pictures of all the games and happenings. I had a great time though and had fun with the friends we brought along with us. All my pictures are of them. :D

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Thanks all for the comments!! :)
Hope Sarah, Rebekah, and Angela enjoy the CD of pictures!! :-) So glad to have seen you all there!!! :)