Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Trees

Here is several pictures of Trees in the Fall in Columbia, MO. :)

 Lonely orange tree in the middle of green. :)

 Half changed tree

 I thought this picture was interesting, we have a green tree a dead tree and a red tree :)

 So where I live we have a lot of yellows! :)

 Forest where I live... I went exploring one year for orange and red trees. This was the closest I found. :)

Okay, so these last few are actually in Boston, Massachusetts!! :) 
Maybe one of these days (months) I'll post pictures of all the places I've been! 
There are so many pictures though from so many different places!!! :-)

More Fall photos to come!!! :)


Rebekah said...

Ah, such lovely colors! It makes me want to wander through the woods enjoying the quiet, the colors, the wildlife. Maybe I should just go write a fall story.:) Only thing, it's in the 80s here.:{ Doesn't really feel like fall.

Rebekah said...

6th from the bottom in--, oh dear, I can't decide. Well, just in a fall month. I love fall pictures so I know I'll end up with way too many.:)