Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some more Zoo Animals

So, I recently went through some of my photos and I found out that most of the zoo pictures I have posted are actually from the Kansas City Zoo. Sorry to those of you whom I told that they were from the St. Louis Zoo. :{ I have a tendency to get the St. Louis Zoo and the KC Zoo mixed up, apparently. :) I do have photos from the St. Louis Zoo too, I hope to put some of those up next week. :) However, I thought I would make the records straight. :) The Kansas City Zoo has a lot more opportunity, I think, to get closer pictures of the animals. They let you feed them and in some cases walk through their cages. :) The St. Louis Zoo, the last time I was there is under going some construction that I think will make it better in ways, but it was still fun to walk through. But anyway, here's some more pictures from the KC zoo. :) Though, the tiger and the turtle are old  pictures and might be from the St. Louis Zoo. I'm really not sure.
I have been to several different zoos. :)



Black-footed Cat

 Polar Bear


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