Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CHEF-MO. Art Contest- Sunrise Photos

Yesterday was the CHEF Art Contest. :) I entered and won third place and the peoples choice award!! :) It was a lot of fun and good fellowship! :) It was great to see all the beautiful art and photos!!! All the entries were really good!!!! Spectacular talent!! :-) I did however forget to bring my camera to it, so I don't have any photos from the actually event. Sorry. However, below is the picture that won third place and the peoples choice award!! I was going to wait to post them, being I already posted several times, but, I am excited to show you all. =) Also, I am excited to start posting landscape photos. I have a lot!!! Though, I will try not to give them all to you at the same time. :) Anyway, here are the sunrise photos. I originally got up early to take them so has I could have some photos for a slide show I was doing for a friend. He is a spectacular pianist and was having a concert, and wanted pictures to go with his songs. These were some of the pictures I did for the song Amazing Grace. :) His wife suggested sunrise pictures, and she mentioned she really like sun rays. I was so grateful to God for giving me such a beautiful morning!! A picture doesn't quite say it the same as seeing it in person, but it can get close. :)

Here is the 3rd place winner. :)

Here are some of the others I got the same morning. :)

The one above I used my "sunset" mode on my camera. :)


Miss Sarah said...

Congratulations, Breanna! That photo is beautiful! Great job! :)

Rebekah said...

Congratulations! That was a lovely picture, Breanna! Landscape, I'm thinking stories here.:) I'll keep my eyes open for a story. I'm sure I'll find at least one.:)