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Welcome to my blog!!

There are many different things that I do, and make.

Photos - Captured and Custom Made:
My delight is to take pictures of God's glorious creation and frame them. I can make collages, print verses and or sayings on my pictures, and I'm willing to do themed photos (custom made). I have done many themed photos in the past. Books by candlelight, tea party, sword, patriotic, holidays, music, and instruments. If you have an idea for a themed picture let me know and I will do my best to set one up and capture it for you. I am also willing to do memory photos, such as a baby memory. I would collect whatever would be wanted in the photo such as first shoes, birth certificate, blanket, balloons, first picture etc… and set it up into a picture. So if any or all of those items were misplaced or lost than you would have them still in a photo that you could hang or even use as an announcement card.  I could do the same for anything you wanted to have complied into a memory. Wedding, Graduation, Birthday… I hope to have a sample up soon.

Check out the custom made photo's I have done in the past in the "themed photos" under labels! :)
Check out the other samples in the different categories in the Labels!!

I am able to frame any of my photos. Prices vary depending on the price of the frame and such. It can range anywhere from $10’s to the $100's, to the $1000’s. :) If you want any of my pictures framed or several pictures put into a collage and framed, just let me know!! I would love to frame any of them for you in any way I can!! :) I also can canvas any of them.

Check out samples under 'Framed Photos' in the Labels! :)
If you just want prints of any of the photos, I am able to do that as well. Prices can vary.
These are the lowest price that I have…

4x6- $5.00                               Starting price...Framed 4x6- $15.00
4x6- just matted- $8.00                  
5x7- $10.00                             Framed 5x7- $30.00
5x7-matted- $16.00
8x10- $20.00                           Framed 8x10- $60.00
8x10-matted- $30.00
11x14- $75.00                         Framed 11x14- $150.00
11x14-matted- $85.00
16x20- $100.00                       Framed 16x20- $200.00
16x20-matted- $125.00
24x30- $150.00                       Framed 24x30- $300.00
24x30-matted- $160.00
and so on... :)

Prices for Canvas photos starts at $100 and can range into the $1000’s.
Collage Framed photos starts at $50 and can range into the $100’s

Photo Gifts:
There are so many different things one can use pictures for these days. T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, coasters, posters, calendars, screen savers, and almost anything one can think of. Check out my gift section for samples of some of the above!

Wedding Invitations:
Hand Designed and Hand Made Wedding Invitations ranging from $1.20 per invitation to $7.00  per invitation depending on design and the price of materials.
Please check out my samples under 'Wedding Invitations' in the Labels to find out more! :)

Greeting Cards:
I also do hand made cards, greeting cards, birthday cards, sympathy cards, thank-you cards, and invitations to any events. I generally use my own photos in the design of the card. They price anywhere from $1.00 a card to $7 a card. There are also package deals.

Check out my samples under 'Cards' in the Labels! :)
Any of the photos on this blog I can use to put on the front of any card.
Most of my cards measure at 5 and half inches tall by 4 and a fourth inches wide- (vertical viewing) :) They are usually made with white card-stock, though almost any color is available, and can fit into an invitation size envelope.

Notice: For the rest of the P.I.C.'s by Breanna, copying from this site is against copyright laws and I ask that you please honor this. They are for purchase only. I ask that you do not claim them as your own.

"With God nothing will be impossible." Luke 1:37

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