Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Just a quick a announcement... I've reached 3,000 views!!!! :) Thank-you to everyone who views my blog!! :) September's background is coming soon!! =)

Also, I have a question. :) When viewing my blog, do any of you get little pop-up adds to not very nice sites?? I really hope not, but I've been having that problem whenever I view my blog, so was just curious.


Rebekah said...

No, I haven't had any pop-up sites at all on here.

I love that last picture! I've missed your posts.

Leah Mays said...

Nope no pop ups here dearie! =)

Congrats on the page views!! =D

Love the pic's!

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Oh GOOD!! :) lol. I was hoping that it was only me having that problem. :) Looking to work it out and hopefully not have them pop up on me. Any suggestions on how to make it stop?? I've even turned off the pop ups in my settings, but it didn't help. :(
Thanks!! I miss getting on here as often! I'm hoping after I catch up on my "lists" to make some new schedules and lists with blogging on them! ;)
The last pic was taken at Plymouth Plantation! :) It's one of my favorites. :)