Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Lights!

I hope to post many posts this upcoming week! =) I was going through my pictures and have found many I don't believe I have posted yet. :) My first of many... Christmas Lights (and some gifts)!! =) Some from last year, and some from this year!! Hope you enjoy!!! More to come!!! 

Singing houses that light up as they make music! A favorite! :)

Some gifts under the tree

Hi! :)

Some tree ornaments

I love Christmas!! So happy to celebrate Our Savoir Jesus Christ's birth!!!! He Is the Reason for the Season!! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!!! (I am sure I'm going to say that many times this month! =)


Rebekah said...

Such festive pictures! I hope to be putting some pictures on my blog soon. :)

Mazzou said...

I love the warmth the pictures show! I especially like the christmas tree and gifts pictures.