Monday, July 11, 2011

CHEF conference-2011

I recently returned from a good time in St. Charles!! The 2011 CHEF conference!!
Well, it was almost a month ago now, but anyway.... :) I got to help Light of Faith set up for the conference, visit with new and old friends, have a photo shoot with a delightful friend, buy a new book from light of faith by Rebekah Morris, :) listen to some godly wonderful speakers, among them being Voddie Bauchum (one of my favorites) and Doug Philips (really enjoyed his history and exploration talks :)), and I also got to see some trailers/extras to some good movies... ("Pendragon" (enjoyed this one a lot :)), and "The Penny")... I have enjoyed the christian movies over the years and they seem to be getting better and better. :) So far the movies I've seen I have enjoyed the stories they tell. I also enjoy the Moore's productions!!! I believe I saw a trailer for an upcoming movie from them too!! :)
I also got to be an extra in a upcoming movie!! The "Sons of Georgia". :) It was my first time and it was fun! All I did was sit in the background of a ball scene they were doing, but it was interesting to watch and listen to the group bring the scene together! :) Though it is a "confederate" movie I was glad to be of some help, and besides I couldn't turn down an opportunity to be an extra, ha ha! :) Anyway...

  Let's see I also got to swim for several hours at the hotel pool!! LOVE swimming!! :-) And last but not least, I got to attend a Civil War Ball!!!!! :-) It was fun!! I danced almost every dance... the dance I wasn't able to dance I got pictures of instead! :-) I danced basically every dance with my little sister, so I was the gentleman most of the time. :) I had one dance that I was the lady in and I had to get used to being the girl and not the guy!! :-) It was all fun! Anywho.... here are some pictures from the conference/curriculum fair and from the Ball (the ones with me in the photo were taken by my dad) :)

Part of the Hotel :)

Me dancing :)

I really liked the Blue and the Green dress, to the right, in this picture :)

Loved the little purple dress! :)


Me again

Boys arm wrestling. :)

One of my favorite booths :) Light of Faith

Another fun booth! :)


Listening to some good talks

My Civil War Dress... my mother helped me finish the dress or it would not of look very good at all! :) It took about four days total to make. I sewed the dress together in two days and than my mother helped me do the lace and ribbon part...I should say I helped her because she did most of the work in that area!!! :-) I am so thankful that she did that for me! I really liked the dress after she finished it!! :) Before she got a hold of it, it was just ok, but after she was done, it was fantastic! :) The hat I put together. I got the hat part from Williamsburg, VA.! I love hats!!! :) My sister's dress was a borrowed one from great friends of ours! They are really good at sewing costumes and let her borrow that one! :-) I think she had a wonderful time!! She really liked dressing up!! :) It was fun to dress up with her and dance with her!! :-)

For more CHEF and Dance photos visit my friends blogs who were also at the conference here....
 Majolaine and Valerie Belley!!

Hope to get camp photos up soon! :) And some more summer photos! :)


Rebekah said...

I loved your dress.:) It was such fun to see all the different outfits as people walked around.

I'd love to know what you think of my book once you ever get through reading it.:) It is a tad on the long side.:} Hopefully the next one won't be that long.

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Thank-you! :) It was fun to see all the outfits! :) I haven't started your book yet, but I hope to really soon!! It looks so good! I'm excited about reading it!! :) I'm getting stuff ready to go down to Memphis Tenn right now. :) Corey is going to be showing my pictures and hopefully selling them for me, but I am taking a while getting them ready. :} I hope to read your book after I'm through with that though! :-) I will let you know what I think whenever I finish it!! :) A chapter a day and it'll only take me a little over a month. :-)
Thanks for your comments!! :)

Mazzou said...

I really enjoyed seeing your pictures from the Conference! You got some great ones. That first one is very neat! I didn't know the hotel was that interesting.
I like the ones of you and your sister- your dresses are so pretty. And the shot of your sister smiling (number 12 up from bottom)is sweet.
Thank you for sharing these pics and the ones you emailed!

P.I.C.'s by Breanna said...

Thank-you Marjolaine!!!
I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures! I've enjoyed you and your families too!! :-)

Mazzou said...

By the way, thank you for linking to my blog! :)