Monday, January 3, 2011

Wedding Invitations

Jessica and Tyler's Wedding Invitations- $1.75 a card
Jessica came to me for their wedding invitations with a design in mind. She gave me a rough idea of what she wanted and I made up several different invitations for her to choose from. After looking them over, she added a few more touches and we settled on this one. She also got turquoise edged white envelopes ($0.15 each) to go with them. She was great to work with and they were fun to make!!

Nicolas and Alissa's Wedding Invitations.
Nicolas is my brother, the first to marry. Nicolas and Alissa when planning their wedding decided they wanted invitations with a personal touch. This is what we ended up with. :) These invitations are what got me started. The design is originally my best friend's, though of course we changed it some. I stamped a lot of different designs before Alissa and Nicolas chose one. Putting them together was a lot of fun and work!! I had help from all my family though! When I (we) got all the pieces to the invitation made we had an Invitation assembly party. Nicolas and Alissa invited whoever they wanted, mostly family and the wedding party. It was a lot of fun! This is still my favorite invitation!!


Rachel and Randy's Invitations- $2.00 a card
(comes with envelope)
This is an Invitation I made a little while ago. I made it to go into my collection of designs. Coming up with new designs can be difficult sometimes. For I have to be careful not to steal another designers' design. I have found though, looking for invitations, that most companies only have a set design and a few colors in that design. I can do basically any color that paper comes in, and am willing to take designs and change them so as to make it your own design.

 If you have any ideas for a wedding invitation, I would love to hear them!

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